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Shop for military insignia, military badges, and military medals! Air Force, Armoured Cavalry, Army Light Aviation, Artillery, Beret badges, Brevets, Classes, Colonial / Marine Artillery, Commando, Corps of Engineers, Equipment & Maintenance, Firemen, Foreign Armies, Foreign Legion, Gendarmerie, Indochina, Infantry, Infantry in North Africa, Logistics, Marines, Medical Corps, Military Fuel Service, Mountain Infantry, Naval Aviation, Navy, Paratroopers, Military patches, Police, Riot Control Forces, Signals Corps, Supply Corps.

The collector's word:

Retired from the French Marines and collector of military badges, I have been selling badges professionally on Ebay for several years with the nickname la_colo (over 22,000 positive reviews). To offer you my complete catalog and help with your searches, I decided to create my own website to list my badges for sale.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or to send me your search list. Thank you for the visit!

Yves Aubert

How sales work:

Sales happen in two steps:

  1. After reviewing your cart and filling the delivery information, click on "Submit your order" at the bottom of the cart page.
  2. I will then verify that the badges are ready and calculate the exact shipping cost to give you the best price. You will then receive an email with the payment information, and I ship packages after I receive payment.

If you don't reply to the payment request email within 8 days, I'll send you a reminder by email (and by text message if you provided a French phone number).

Note that on the site, you can only add one of each item to your cart. You can however contact me directly by email if you are looking for multiple copies of the same item, and I will check the available inventory.


I take pictures of each badge so that you can check the exact condition before buying. I am progressively taking new pictures in high resolution to replace older and smaller pictures.

Payment means:

I accept PayPal payments and bank checks.