Terms & Conditions of Sales


Manager: Yves Aubert

SIRET number: 52502165500010

APE code: 4799A

VAT not applicable: article 293 B of the Code Général des Impôts

E-mail : yves@insignes.com


General Conditions of Sales

The Terms & Conditions of Sales hereby bind Yves Aubert which company headquarters are located in La Queue-lez-Yvelines (France), and anyone (physical person or moral entity) desiring to purchase on the website http://www.insignes.com/.

Yves Aubert reserves the right to modify those conditions of sales at any time. In that case, the applicable conditions will be the ones effective at the date of purchase by the client.

Characteristics of the Products Available

The products offered are those available in the catalog published on the website http://www.insignes.com.

These products are for sale within the limit of available inventory.

Each product comes with a description and one or more pictures which are not legally binding.

The pictures on the website are as close to possible to the actual items, but they cannot ensure an exact match with the product offered, especially regarding colors.

Insignes.com is not responsible for errors in the description or pictures.


Prices on the website are in euros, and do not include handling and shipping fees which are added to the order.

Yves Aubert  reserves the right to modify the prices at any time, with the understanding that the price available online on the day of the order will be the only price of reference applicable to the buyer.


The client, who wants to buy a product or a service, must fulfill the following obligations:

  • Add the items to their cart and fill all the required information on the cart page.
  • Confirm the content of their order and explicitly approve the terms and conditions of sales.
  • Pay within the 7 days following the confirmation of the order by Yves Aubert.

All the data given by the client and the payment made will be proof of the client's consent to the purchase, and will be proof of the transaction.

Shipping Fees

Items are shipped by letter with a tracking number or Colissimo depending on the size and weight of the items.

Shipping fees include shipping costs, handling costs, and the corresponding taxes. Some products can be included in a "free shipping" promotion, and the shipping fees are only zeroed out for that specific item. If other items are shipped at the same time, the shipping fees of the free shipping product will not be included.

The shipping fees can only be refunded for lost items that were sent with a tracking number.


Private non-professional buyers have a right for fourteen days starting on the delivery of their order to return their items to the seller, for exchange or refund without penalties except for the return shipping fees.

Payment Means and Delivery

The following means of payment are accepted:

  • Bank checks, to the order of Yves Aubert.
  • PayPal transfers to the address specified by Insignes.com at the end of the order process.

The items are sent within 3 business days after the check or Paypal payment is received.

The risks are under the buyer's responsibility once the items leave the premises of Insignes.com. Should a package get lost, the compensation is the one determined by the expedition service based on the shipping service selected.


All the products sold by the seller come with the legal warranty offered by the articles 1641 and onwards of the French Civil Code.


The seller, during the online sales process, is only bound to an obligation of means.

Any damages stemming from the use of Internet will not be under the responsibility of the seller, including but not limited to data loss, intrusions, viruses, interruptions of service, or any unintentional issues.


When ordering on Insignes.com, the client accepts the items in an "as-is condition". Any claims stemming from damages that occured during shipping will be denied. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify the items upon reception and to communicate any concerns. If an error is found in the items received, the buyer must contact the seller as soon as possible, and the seller will offer either an exchange or a refund minus the original shipping fees. If the mistake is on the part of the seller, the shipping fees will be born by the seller.

Personally Identifiable Information

In accordance with the law regarding IT, data storage, and freedoms ("loi relative à l'informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés du 6 janvier 1978"), personally identifiable information can be used in automated processes.

You have a right to access, edit, correct, or remove those information.


Yves Aubert will archive all the purchase orders and invoices on durable media that will be a true copy, in accordance with the article 1348 of the French Civil Code.

The electronic records of Yves Aubert are considered by all the parties in this agreement as proof of the original communications, orders, payments, and transactions that occured between the parties.

Thank you for your support!